Route 62 & The 3 Majestic Mountain Passes


4 days 3 nights – This photographic tour will take you on a breathtaking trip through this magnificent, wonderland so come, join us as we explore and capture the stunning beauty of South Africa’s famous Route 62 in the Western Cape. This route gently flows between the majestic Cape Fold Mountains of the Little Karoo, passing many rural landscapes, Cape Homesteads and architecture as well as three majestic, historic mountain passes.

DSCN1753 Pan2

The tour leaves from Somerset West, follows the N2 all the way to the historic town of Swellendam, South Africa’s fourth oldest town, at the foothills of the Langeberg Mountain. From there our trip leaves the N2 behind and we traverse the stunning Trudouw’s Pass and on to the quaint little town of Barrydale, on Route 62 in the Little Karoo. Contact us for FULL ITINERARY Go to Bookings and rates for booking forms


Recommended equipment for this tour

  • DSLR Camera with aperture, shutter speed & manual settings
  • Lenses
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Remote Cable Release – essential for long exposures & star trail photography
  • Recommended filters 1) Neutral density (variable or at least 4 stops) 2) Circular Polarizer 3) Neutral density Grad
  • laptop with Photoshop & Lightroom loaded
  • Your camera manual
  • A torch or head lamp

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