Betty’s Bay – Harold Porter Botanical Garden : Zig-Zag Garden Border Trail

Length: Circular Route 5.020 km / 3.14 mi – Difficulty: Medium – Rating: Scramble –Surface: Rough

This beautiful, secluded Botanical Garden is set between mountain and sea, in the heart of the Cape Fynbos region within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve in the town of Betty’s Bay. It consists of 10 hectares of cultivated fynbos garden and 190.5 hectares of pristine natural fynbos. The Garden Estate is the natural part of the garden with several kilometres of nature trails providing scenic views of forests, mountains and coastline.

It encompasses mountain slopes with wind-clipped heathlands, deep gorges with relict forests, flats and marshes with restios, sedges and bulbs, as well as dunes adjacent to the beach with specialised salt-adapted plants. The Garden is renowned for its waterfalls and amber pools.

The Trail zigzags up the mountain and goes as far as the Garden’s border. It crosses the river above the main Leopard’s Kloof waterfall.

The distance from the Garden entrance to the furthermost point of the trail is 4.22 km. Visitors, if they are fit, will need at least two hours to walk there and another two hours to come back from the end point, which is the border with the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

You will need a reasonable level of fitness, good walking shoes, water and a hat. Remember to take a windbreaker too as the weather can be changeable.

Recommended equipment for this tour

  • DSLR or Compact Bridge Camera with aperture, shutter speed & manual settings
  • Lenses – Wide Angle and Macro
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Recommended filters 1) Neutral density (variable or at least 4 stops) 2) Circular Polarizer 3) Neutral density Grad
  • Your camera manual